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Tip of the Week

Tip for: 05.15.17

The Unread—Finding unused books

It’s time to do some weeding—or some really good book-talks—and the best place to start is to find books that aren’t being used. For this example, let’s look for fiction books that haven’t been checked out in the last 5 years.

So let’s open Reports.


In v6:

  • Go to the Copies category, and the General subcategory.
  • Locate the Weeding List (or Copy List - 1-Line) report.
  • Add a Select By for Copy Last Used Date.
  • Put the starting date as, for example, 02/24/1900, and the ending date to this date 5 years ago, e.g. 02/24/2012.

In v7:

  • Go to the Copies category, and the Information subcategory.
  • Locate the Weeding List report.
  • Fill in the Copies last used between range as something in the far past, for example 05/12/1900, through this date 5 years ago, e.g. 05/15/2012.

This will give you a 1-line report with the Call Number so you can track those items down.

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The Unread—Finding unused books

It’s time to do some weeding—or some really good book-talks—and the best place to start is to find books that aren’t being used.

Card Expiration Dates

Do you want to let teachers check out items during the summer, but not patrons? How would you do that in Alexandria?

End-of-Year Procedures

We maintain an End-of-Year Procedures workflow for you!

Command Line Shortcuts—Advanced

Did you know some Command Line shortcuts can be paired with barcodes? This is especially useful if you don’t want to leave your current mode to perform an unrelated action.

Command Line Shortcuts

In Alexandria, you probably spend most of your time in the Command Line. Checking items out, renewing, placing holds, etc—this can all be done through the Command Line… and done faster with keyboard shortcuts.

New Researcher icons!

Introducing these Researcher icons for an older audience.

Last Inventory Date

You have a book missing from your library. How can you find it? The first step is to see when it was last inventoried.

Keep your data safe—Password Required!

How strong is the password you use to log in to Alexandria? You aren’t going to have any mischievous 7th-grader guessing it and wreaking havoc on your collection, are you? Let’s take a look at some good password tips.

Your Receipts Are Numbered!

A patron comes in with two payment receipts of 25¢ for the same overdue item... is this the same receipt twice, or did something go wrong? The best way to figure that out?—Receipt numbers.

Make it Easier to Find—Add Bibliographic Terms

Have you ever had the student who searches for “cup cake” instead of “cupcake”, or vice versa? ...there is a way you can deal with the variable-search-term problem.


If you don't want a hold to come in until later, there’s a simple solution: Suspend the hold for a few months.

Inbound—Pickup Location

Starting in 7.16.2, you and your patrons can specify a Pickup Location when placing a hold.

In-Stock vs On-Shelf—New holds procedures

Both In-Stock status and you, the librarian, are in for a treat—in 7.16.2 we’ve introduced On-Shelf holds, to share some of the burden.

“How do I see my...”—Patron Status

Everything went well the last time you processed an overdue fine. But I can see there are a few more ‘What if’ questions you are dying to ask.

Extra $$? Add Credits

What if Mark brought a $1 bill to pay the 50¢ fine and you don’t have change?

Ka-Ching—Financial Processing

Last week we looked at the different kinds of charges in Alexandria. Now I’ll take you step-by-step through what happens when a patron is charged a fine….

Fee, Fine, Foe, Um?—All About Charges

What are the differences between a charge, fee, and a fine—and how do you use them?

‘Shelving’ eBooks

Are your students more likely to browse your shelves than your catalog? If so, how can you get them interested in all those eBooks in your collection that don’t have a space on the shelves? Make them a space!

New Books Lists and the Bulletin Board

Have you thought about using a Bulletin Board to publish a list of the new books you have received?


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