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- NOTE -
Alert Note.png Currently, Soundzabound is a free feature of Alexandria!

There are no product activation codes or licenses required for you to enable
or enjoy any of the Soundzabound features!


Because music and sound effects can liven up any presentation, COMPanion is proud to partner with Soundzabound™—the only subscription service that specializes in royalty-free music and audio-clips which meet all of the licensing and technology requirements necessary for education!
The Soundzabound audio library offers a wide variety of music, audio themes and sound effects for grades K-12 and universities—all royalty-free to ensure your copyright safety. Perfect for podcasts, PowerPoint™, videos, news shows, video yearbooks, digital storytelling, presentations, TV broadcasts, web design and more!
Soundzabound audio resources can be cataloged and/or imported into Alexandria just like any other webpage or electronic resource. This allows you to present your patrons with integrated Soundzabound references directly from Researcher search results.


Soundzabound integration allows Alexandria to authenticate patrons logged into a Researcher interface; this way, they have access to resources from without having to know your site's Soundzabound account information. Authentication is done by IP or by referrer URL[1] coupled with an Authentication Code appended to the end of the catalogued Soundzabound URL after a patron or operator has logged into an Alexandria Researcher interface.

This is the Preferences -> Management -> Extras -> Soundzabound tab.

    Preferences and Tools tab

    Enable Soundzabound—Checking this box enables Soundzabound functionality and interface elements. Default is checked.
    Vendor URL—This field is used mainly for reference; although, it can be updated if Soundzabound ever changes their web addresses.
    The default is:[2].
    Authentication Code—This code allows patrons or operators logged into an Alexandria Researcher interface to bypass the Soundzabound site login when clicking on an embedded Soundzabound link (e.g. shown as Link to Soundzabound in the screenshot below) in your search results.
    Essentially, the Authentication Code you apply here is appended to the end of the cataloged Soundzabound URL provided in the 856_u tag, but only when a patron or operator is logged into the Alexandria Researcher. If you attempt to manually add this code to the end of your cataloged Soundzabound URL using the Items management window, you will not be successful; authentication is completely dependant upon patron or operator log in.
    Contact your COMPanion sales representative at (800) 347-6439 to obtain your Soundzabound Activation Code.

    Contact tab

    Under the Contact tab, you may fill out contact information for your Soundzabound representative.


    What does a catalogued Soundzabound record look like?

    Here's an example of a cataloged Soundzabound record in MARC format:
    LDR00000cam 2200000 a 4500^
    008120504b xx j 000 1 eng ^
    245 _a2000's Music from Soundzabound_h[electronic resource]^
    260 _bSoundzabound^
    650 _a2000's^
    830 _aSoundzabound^
    856 _3Link to Soundzabound_u to Soundzabound^
    991 _aWeb Page^`
    If you would like to download a sample Soundzabound MARC record that you can import into Alexandria, click here. Please be aware that you won't be able to download or listen to audio files from the Soundzabound website unless you have a valid Authentication Code.

This is an example of a Soundzabound record as seen from the MARC View Editor.

    Step-by-Step: Using Soundzabound

    To activate Soundzabound within Alexandria, do the following:
    1. Select Preferences from Alexandria's Tools module.
    2. Click on the Soundzabound icon in the Extras section of the Preferences window.
    3. In the Soundzabound preference tab, provide the Authentication Code that you received from COMPanion.
    4. This ‘code’ will be attached to the end of the URL that you supplied in the 856_u tag of your cataloged Soundzabound record—but only when an operator or patron is logged in to an Alexandria Researcher interface.
    5. Please note that if you attempt to manually add this ‘code’ to the end of your cataloged Soundzabound URL using the Items management window, you will not be successful; authentication is completely dependent upon patron or operator log in.
    6. As patrons perform searches in the Researcher, they may start to see cataloged Soundzabound resources appear in their search results; if so, they can click on the Link to Soundzabound hyperlink to listen to or download audio files directly from

    7. Link to Soundzabound.

    8. If you already have an account with Soundzabound or if you purchase one through Soundzabound and later want to integrate with Alexandria, contact COMPanion to receive an Authentication Code. Once account membership has been verified with Soundzabound, they will authenticate access on their end.

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    Notes, Footnotes, and/or References

    1. A “referrer URL” refers to the URL of the web page preceding the page. It is necessary for Soundzabound to know the referrer URL originated from an Alexandria Researcher interface as this allows them to authenticate your “site” and all associated patrons.
    2. Keep in mind, this address is maintained by Soundzabound and may be indiscriminately changed on their end at any time. If you find this link broken or out-of-date, please contact COMPanion's Customer Support at (800) 347-4942 or (801) 943-7277 or by email