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Perma-eHub™ is an optional feature of Alexandria.

If you are interested in Perma-eHub integration, contact your COMPanion sales representative at
(800) 347-6439 and inquire about obtaining Perma-eHub product codes.

Once this feature has been activated, Perma-eHub settings will be available in your Extras preferences.


Alexandria proudly integrates with Perma-eHub, allowing your patrons to quickly access Perma-Bound electronic resources.

    Perma-eHub Service Enhancements

  • Patrons can easily distinguish and access Perma-eHub resources from Alexandria's Researcher interfaces using web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer—or mobile devices, laptops, and tablets such as Apple's iPad, Google's Chromebook, and others.
  • As the patron's library account authority, Alexandria authenticates and authorizes patrons attempting to borrow Perma-eHub resources. Alexandria utilizes a subset of the SIP2[1] communications standard to accomplish this.

This is the Preferences -> Management -> Extras -> Perma-eHubtab.

    Perma-eHub Settings

    Once properly registered, Perma-eHub become available in the Extras section of your Management preferences. You are required to configure the following for Perma-eHub:
    • Enable Perma-eHub ( Checkbox.png )—Checking this box enables Perma-eHub functionality and interface elements. Default is checked.
    • Vendor URL—This field is used mainly for reference; it can be updated if Perma-Bound ever changes their web addresses. What you provide here can be accessed from the Vendors menu of the main Circulation window.
    • Perma-eHub Code—Sometimes referred to as a Terminal Password. You are responsible for creating this code; it should be between seven and twelve alphanumerics long (“A-Z”, “0-9”), without spaces, punctuation, or special characters (e.g., 8364876 or 7103582A360). Be sure to provide this code to Perma-Bound when they ask for your eHub Terminal Password. This code is essentially a password which you set that allows Perma-eHub to communicate with Alexandria in order to authenticate patrons who want access to Perma-eHub materials.
    • Enable Checksum Error Handling ( Checkbox.png )—The SIP2 protocol allows extra error detection to be enabled, over and above any error detection provided by the communication medium's protocol. When error detection is enabled, a checksum field is appended to every Perma-eHub message. This setting is not required, but highly recommended; this should only be disabled under the direction of COMPanion's Customer Support Department.

Configuring Perma-eHub for Alexandria

When enabled and properly configured, Alexandria provides the “patron authentication” and “verification” services for Perma-eHub. In other words, before allowing patrons to access and borrow Perma-eHub resources, patron status and credentials are validated with Alexandria. If your patron is authorized and in good standing, they will be permitted to use Perma-eHub resources; if not, access will be denied until the issue is resolved with a librarian.

    To enable Perma-eHub services for Alexandria:

    For Alexandria and Perma-eHub to communicate, the following information must be provided and/or submitted to Perma-eHub:
  1. Provide your Alexandria Data Station server IP Address (or domain name), SIP2 Port ID, and Serial Number[2] to Perma-Bound so they may associate it with your account. Your Data Station must be publicly accessible outside of your site or district firewall.
  2. Create an eHub Code[3] and enter it into the Perma-eHub Code field of Alexandria's Perma-eHub preferences. Afterward, input this code in Perma-Bound's Authentication Providers setup form; this code must be assigned in your Perma-eHub account in order to communicate with Alexandria.
  3. When filling out Perma-Bound's Authentication Form:
    • SIP2 Server and Port—This is the IP address of your Data Station and it must be a static, public IP address. The SIP2 Port ID is usually 6001, but you can double-check by going to your Web settings.
    • Data Station Serial Number—This is your Alexandria Serial Number.
    • eHub Code—This is the Perma-eHub Code that you created and furnished in your Perma-eHub preferences.
    Once you have completed the Authentication setup in your Perma-eHub account settings and your Alexandria Perma-eHub preferences have been properly configured, you are ready to start using this feature.
    Please contact COMPanion Customer Support by phone at (800) 347-4942 or by email at if you have any questions or require assistance.

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Notes, Footnotes, and/or References

  1. Alexandria supports the following SIP2 command messages for Perma-eHub: 93, 23, 63.
  2. Note: Perma-Bound will use the Serial Number in the SIP2 Login Message (93 CP).
  3. Note: Perma-eHub will use this code in the SIP2 Login Message (93 CO).