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These preferences allow you to access optional third-party software components and add-ons for Alexandria; some require separate licensing and registration. Many of these time-saving features are conveniently integrated into Alexandria. Please contact COMPanion at (800) 347-6439 for information about enhancing Alexandria with additional products and third-party services.
Select (highlight) one of our colleagues from the Extras section on the left-hand side of the window; this allows you to access feature-specific configuration options.

This is the Preferences -> Management -> Researcher -> Extras tab.

    eBook Integration

    This integration gives your patrons access to the eBook world while allowing you to maintain control of those resources.
    Capstone Interactive Library features over 2,000 eBook titles with unlimited user access.
    Capstone PebbleGo databases feature expertly-leveled text and navigation specifically designed for your beginning researchers.
    MackinVIA is your one-stop portal for educational eBooks and online databases.
    OverDrive offers digital media solutions for distribution of premium content over global networks.
    Perma-eHub manages all of your eBook licenses from a central location as if they existed in a single library.

    Third-Party Integration

    COMPanion proudly collaborates with select third-party partners to ensure you receive the best possible user experience.
    netTrekker provides high-quality, standards-aligned learning resources for students in K-12 grade levels and subject areas.
    NoveList allows patrons to discover reading recommendations, similar authors, and series information from within your catalog.
    Sneak Peek is a title enhancement resource, allowing patrons to enjoy title reviews, summaries and cover art.
    Soundzabound is the only royalty-free music library which meets all the licensing and technology requirements needed for education!
    Baker & Taylor is a leading supplier of books, multimedia, and digital information services for libraries.
    Bound To Stay Bound Books specializes in providing your library with high-quality children's books, media products, and related services.
    Capstone is a publisher focusing on education; children’s books, picture books, interactive books, audio books, literacy programs, and digital media.
    Mackin's integrated web-based collection management tool can review your catalog and determine what should be replaced and reordered.
    Perma-Bound provides high-quality materials for long-lasting general circulation, supports learning, enhances your reading experience, and fosters a love of reading and libraries.
    SAFARI Montage seamlessly enhances search results with thousands of clips form reputable publishers; streams educational videos, on-demand, into classrooms.

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