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How Do I Access the Alexandria Researcher?

You can access the Alexandria's Researcher selection picker in the supported internet browser of your choice; just type the domain name (or IP address), port number, and (optional) serial number of your Data Station followed by “/researcher” into your browser's Address field (usually located in the upper-left corner of the window).

This is an example of the IP address used to access the Researcher (e.g. 123.456.78.910:80/researcher).

  • If you have problems locating your IP address, please contact your network administrator for further assistance. If your network administrator is not available, feel free to contact COMPanion's Customer Support team.

Bookmarking the Researcher

In a Centralized Catalog environment, you can create bookmarks (i.e. links) to search specific schools; this is done by including the Site ID Code in the web address. For example, if the COMPanion Middle School has an Site ID Code of CompMS, you would enter the URL as: Be sure to mind the case-sensitivity of the site code.

Welcome to the Alexandria Researcher!

The Alexandria Researcher is a collection of exquisitely robust, visually engaging, and genuinely intuitive library search interfaces that appeals to children, teenagers, and adults. Both patrons and operators are able to search authorized collections over the world wide web.
The Researcher can be accessed from the Librarian when selecting Researcher (“ Researcher Icon.png ”) from the main Alexandria Librarian Navigation Bar. Otherwise, patrons can access Researcher modules to search library collections from around the world wide web by entering the IP address of your main Alexandria Data Station in the “URL” or “address” field of their favorite internet browser.

Here are the Alexandria Researcher modules you may choose from.

    Alexandria Researcher Modules

    To learn more about one of our Alexandria Researcher interfaces, follow the links below: