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Alexandria Technical Videos

Note: In order to watch the following technical videos, you must have the latest Adobe Flash player installed.

V6015 - Address Books for Adding Titles (5:18)

You can set up your own Address Books for Add Title Assistant to access when performing a MARC Search.

V6007 - Advancing Patron Grades (4:15)

An overview of the preferences Grade Table and advancing grades in Alexandria.

V6012 - Barcode Ranges & Printing Barcode Labels (8:13)

Find barcode ranges, and print barcode labels for your patrons and items.

V6005 - Filling Holds (2:52)

Learn how to place and fill holds in Alexandria.

V6006 - Importing Patron Pictures (1:57)

Use the Import module in Alexandria to quickly add pictures to your patron records.

V6010 - Installing Alexandria Hosted Service (5:43)

Find out what it means to be Hosted, what the system requirements are, and learn how to set up and install.

V6011 - Installing a Library Workstation (4:52)

Learn how to install a library workstation from the web.

V6012 - Inter-Library Loans (4:36)

Patrons from another library have placed holds on items at your library. How do you process these inter-library loans?

V6020 - Inventory Management (9:21)

Learn how to use Alexandria’s Inventory module to set up Sessions, perform inventory, and run end reports and utilities.

V6017 - Migrating Dabases (3:07)

Are you changing or upgrading your server or data station? This video goes over how to migrate your data.

V6017 - Moving to Hosted (1:31)

It’s quick and easy to move your data to Alexandria Hosted.

V6013 - Overdue Reports (5:51)

Learn how to set up an overdue report for specific homerooms, schedule and save that report, and duplicate the saved report.

V6001 - Patron & Item Management

         Patron Management (2:51)

         Item Management (3:18)

You can do a lot with the Patron & Item Management windows. Learn how to access and use the modules.

V6019 - Review Management (5:23)

Use the Review Management module to Approve and manage your patron reviews.

V6014 - Title Assistant (7:29)

Use the Title Assistant to add titles and copies to your library using MARC search.

V6004 - View Patron History (2:55)

Choose to keep patron history so you can view history and statistics, or disable history for all patrons.

"I've been pleased with Alexandria ever since we bought the program. Tech support has been great and I like the fact that I can call at all hours, even when working late and get a human to help me."
—Vicki Reed
San Diego County Office of Education
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